uNpACKAGING performance



Rehearsal of my piece “uNpACKAGING”.

“uNpACKAGING” highlights on stage the surfeit of containers and packaging that we use and that are designed to carry the products that we consume and that consume us.

 The protagonists are: the body, a mountain of waste and the public that is present.

The architecture of a deformed body that attempts to stay in constant movement and the playback of a voice that reminds us what and how we should behave.

 At the start, the body is static; it ends up deformed as the scene unfolds. Once it becomes deformed, the movement starts. The metaphor of this general lack of awareness that sometimes does not transcend, but which, on other occasions makes us take action when we are already totally bogged down in media manipulation and corrupted by a social imaginary that is completely alienating.

A composition in four scenes that passes from stasis to movement; from full to empty; from light to dark.

A scene built on the basis of moving pictures; of movements that are read as photographic moments.

From an empty stage to a full stage; from order to chaos.

 This work is in a constant process of experimentation given that the starting point and the configuration of the scenery depend to a great extent on the participation or the inactivity of the audience, who will acquire the responsibility for facing up or failing to face up to the residual world that they share.

 A work of movement and contemporary dance to the song “Ne me quitte pas” which integrates the movements used during the exercise of verbs in movement, not to mention other actions that the performer will undertake: falling from an object/waste, throwing it, emptying it, leaving it.


Ensayando y poniendo en práctica mi pieza escénica“uNpACKAGING”.

“uNpACKAGING” pone de relieve en escena el exceso de envases y embalajes que utilizamos y que se diseñan para transportar los productos que consumimos y que nos consumen.

La Arquitectura de un cuerpo deformado que intenta mantenerse en constante movimiento y la reproducción de una voz que nos recuerda qué y cómo debemos comportarnos.

 El cuerpo se presenta estático para acabar deformado a medida que transcurre la escena. Una vez se deforma, comienza el movimiento. La metáfora de esa inconsciencia general que, a veces, no trasciende, pero que, en otras ocasiones, nos arranca a la acción cuando ya estamos totalmente hundidos en la manipulación mediática y corrompidos por un imaginario social completamente alienante.

Una pieza de movimiento y danza contemporánea bajo la canción “ne me quitte pas” integrando los movimientos utilizados durante el ejercicio de verbos en movimiento, mas otras acciones que la performer realizará: desprenderse de un objeto/residuo, tirarlo, vaciarlo, abandonarlo.


unpackaging performance dance contemporary art

unpackaging performance dance contemporary art

Los protagonistas son: el cuerpo, una montaña de residuos y el público presente.


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