Artistic project that concern about the trash we make “Yes We Trash”


These last years I have been researching about how human being generate so much garbage.

Massive consumption have left us thousands of different natural landscapes full of trash.

I have been working with these landscapes, with the garbage and littering to show what is happening around the world with this important problem.

The project “Yes We Trash” want to show all these images. The hashtags #YesWeTrash and #Itrash want to collect all the images that people around the world want to send to show up all these “trash images” and connect them into an Art Project.

If you want to be part of this project and be featured. You just have to follow the instagram account @yesWeTrash and hashtag these images with #YesWeTrash or #Itrash

The images must have your own selfie or a person with garbage, littering, problem with waste, trash…

You also can send me your images to

In here some of the images you will see at instagram or my trash profiles 🙂


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