Me gusta_I lovE

Sonrisas, fotografías, canciones, risas, sentimientos, Saltos, lectura, bailes, juegos, comidas, viajes, la danza, la meditación, el teatro, el cine, la música, la economía, la empresa sostenible, investigar, la innovación, la ecología, la paz, la emoción, internet, dormir, nadar, mirar, conversar, aprender, crear, amar ….


Smiles, photography, songs, laughs, feelings, jumping, reading, dancing, playing, eating, travelling, the dance, the meditation, the theatre, the cinema, the music, the economy, sustainable businesses, innovation, research, ecology, peace, emotion, internet, sleeping, swimming, sight, look, chatting, learn, create, love…



4 responses to “Me gusta_I lovE

  1. Comparto la mayoría de tus gustos, además me gusta el buen gusto de tu blog. Me pasaré a menudo : )

  2. Your art form is a real plus for Canary culture in the world. I came from Rome and I live in Tenerife. My city is full of art of many kind. But your is fresher more contemporary and brilliant. You, in my opinion, deserve the attention and the awards they gave you. I am actually happy for you. Grettings and salutations. Ciao, edoardo

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